Consciousness Coaching

Become a creator of your life.

What is consciousness Coaching?


Consciousness Coaching is an advanced methodology of coaching that elevates consciousness, connects to inner wisdom to create the desired, meaningful change.

Consciousness Coaching® is an advanced methodology of coaching that creates shifts in the client’s consciousness. Sustainable change is possible when an individual becomes conscious / aware of what drives their behaviour. Once this awareness takes place, choice becomes available and one is no longer a victim to one’s circumstances or reactions.

What sets Consciousness Coaches apart from other coaching methodologies is we introduce different Awareness Creations and tools as the coaching process unfolds. This component makes the individual aware of areas that are beyond normal human consciousness, a whole dimension that most people simply aren’t even aware that they don’t know about.

We also measure the integrity of the coachee which allows for the coachee to see how having high integrity equals results and success.

Real breakthroughs happen in the material world when a person’s thinking expands to embrace possibilities that are outside of the “box” of conventional consciousness. When we merge the standard coaching practise with the highly developed Awareness Creation process, we move into the limitless realm of Consciousness Coaching®.



The normal person lives their life in autopilot, or by default. They react to triggers or obstacles in life en-route to the end goal of happiness. This ultimately doesn’t lead to permanent change. The normal person needs a new perspective. The normal person needs Consciousness Coaching.

It’s time to break away.

Your Coach – Ina du Preez